in loving memory

this candle burns for you

September 20, 1979
June 22, 1998


Ryan was born on September 20,1979. He was a Beautiful Boy.
His Dad and I loved him and still love him through all space and time. When Ryan was 10 years old he shared with me that God was calling him. I ask him for what and he said I don't know I have to wait and see. God did call him on June 22,1998. He was taken by a rare and deadly form of Meningitis called Meningococcemia. There were over 500 people at Ryan's Funeral and over 100 gave their life to the Lord and many more since. I remember asking God why was he taking my Beautiful Boy from me and just in the last few days in the stillness of my heart He has answered. I thought I heard Him say because had I left Ryan he would have been mutalated by this disease and he would have hated himself, you, his dad and even me. I could not bear that so as you prayed I did what I knew in your heart if you search the best thing for Ryan. Our hearts are broken but our Faith is strong. We miss our Beautiful Boy but know we will see him again. A friend shared with us just after Ryan left with the Angels that Ryan had appeared to him in a dream or at least what he thought was a dream. He said he was crying lying across the bed and he heard Ryan's voice and at the foot of the bed stood Ryan. He said, don't cry Murph and I said Ryan you died. Ryan smiled and said no Murph I am ok I didn't die. We know that is true he lives and he has seen the Face of God. The last words Ryan heard were the words of his Dad telling him he loved him. He coded and his heart stopped. Then for a few minutes it started again and Ryan rolled his head in the direction of his dad , smiled and said I know. Many children go through life and never hear these words from their dads. If you have a child tell them and show them you love them each and every day.
This disease is on the rise among teens and young adults. It comes like a thief in the night and what it does not kill it mutalates.
To learn more about Bacterial Meningitis and how you can protect your child or young adult form it, or if you have a child who is a survivor of bacterial meningitis and need help, or you just need the grief support of others who know the pain of this disease, click here. or write to Frankie Milley

Though hard most days our hearts do go on.
Ryan's friends are here alot. But most of all we know God has our Son and we have His.
We will see him again.
Isaiah 40 25-31 was Ryan's favorite scipture.
They shall mount up on Wings like Eagles.
God Bless you for stoping by here and reading about our son, Ryan.


This poem was written by Frankie Milley in Memory of Ryan and is dedicated to all the Beautiful children who have died with Bacterial Meningitis.
The Heart of Mom
Today there are dark clouds all around me.
On a cold steal table your precious body lays.
Dead to me on this Earth, your soul has gone away.
They will not let me hold you ,you see, for it is not healthy for me.
Do they not know? We no longer live your dad and me!
I call out to God, Why do you take my precious boy from me?
Your dad can only yell, daddy loves you baby boy, for you were all of his joy.
We wonder how the world can go on all around us ?
And yet our world has stopped you see.
The new day dawns:
The sun is shining bright, or is that the face of God you now see?
The birds are singing, or is that the bells of heaven ringing for you and me?
The wind is blowing, or is that the wings of the Angels who came for you?
The flowers are blooming, or is that a reminder that your life is all new?
Our hearts are broken!
The memory of you, your face, your smile, your laugh, your voice, the touch of you and yes even the smell of you, only a small token.
But God's words were spoken.
We will see you again.
Love Mom
For God's word is never broken.
Remember these who have gone to live with the Angels due to Meningitis;
Jesse, Ally, Jason, Aaron, Jonathon, Daniel, Jacob, Adam, Austin, and all those who are not listed here.
Please remember to pray for those who have survived Meningitis. Just a few Johnny, Harley, Nick, Mischele and many more.
God keep you All Safe in your Journey in Life

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