we love you Shane


sweet angel Shane

I lost my little boy, Shane, within a 24 hour period, to acute epiglottis which was the result of hemophilus influenza.    Shane was 19 and 1/2 months old when he died on March 20, 1976    (it was the first day of spring).

He was my second child, born 19 months after his brother, Bret and 3 years before his sister, Sunny. I will always miss him.   I am amazed that, to this day - 20 something years later, the pain and emptiness in my heart still overwhelm me as I think of my sweet son.  When a baby spends nine months next to his mothers heart, a small part of her soul is forever meshed with his, and if his soul departs before hers, a small part of her soul is torn from her heart.   And even though the ragged edges heal, it is eternally painful and empty.

Shane looked exactly like my husband in face and build. This made me very happy and I think it made him happy too.  He called him His Clown Prince.


in our hearts forever

In the golden streets of Heaven
As the happy children play,
Gentle Jesus watches o'er them,
Caring for them, day by day.
And may you find comfort, knowing
In the Father's home above
Your little one is happy
In the sweetness of His love.

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Submitted by Shane's Mom:  Millie Duncan

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this candle burns for you

August 6, 1974


March 20, 1976

Dear Little Lamb

Dear little lamb on the Shepherd's breast.

Closely enfolded, how sweet is your rest;

Forever shielded from earthly alarms.

Perfectly safe in His mighty arms

-Olga J. Weiss